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Jerri Jheto
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When Nigerian born Jerri Jheto was 4 year’s old he received a prophecy: "One day my music would be heard all over the World." He recognized the prediction as God's promise and has remained committed to fulfilling that destiny.

As a young boy living with his grandmother, Jerri would listen to the drumming and singing during Tribal meetings at her house. "My Grandmother raised me and always supported my Music. She was a very strong woman, a real matriarch," recalls Jheto. Learning from these early musical experiences, he then immersed himself into Nigeria's vibrant Music Scene.

Over the next few years, he played with some of the Legends of African Music: Victor Olaiya, King Sunny Ade, Manu Dibango, Osibisa, and Sonny Okosuns to name a few.

Jheto arrived to Los Angeles in the late 1980s to record an AfroPop album titled "Apartheid." However, Jerri's passion for Reggae Music led him towards a new musical direction that seamlessly blended Reggae with High-Life, Afrobeat, Jazz and Pop to create an innovative and unique Music featuring wicked grooves and uplifting lyrics.


Apartheid (1980)

Silver & Gold (Solid Discs, 1998)

Let the People Decide (Kadara, 2000)

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