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Montse Cortes, a Gypsy flamenco singer from Barcelona, began her professional career at the age of 14 at Barcelona's El Cordobes flamenco nightclub (tablao) and went on to perform at other clubs such as El Tablao de Carmen, Las Vegas and Los Tarantos.

Her singing has accompanied the dancing of Sara Baras, Joaquin Cortes and El Toleo as well as occasional performances with her sister-in-law, La Tani, with Miguel Toleo and with the Flamenco Company of Merche Esmeralda. Recently she is collaborating with the great guitarists, Tomatito and Vicente Amigo.

At just 21, she became a member of the Flamenco Ballet of Antonio Canales, spending the last three years with the troupe performing at numerous theatres around the world. During these performances, the critics never fail to pick her out as the second star of the show.

In mid 1997, with the encouragement of Antonio Canales, she appeared in her own right together with her group of musicians at the Casa Patas and the Sala Caracol in Madrid where she was given an enthusiastic response by the audience.

She has appeared on albums by Manzanita and Tijerita. She was also recently featured on the album of José Jimenez "El Viejin," singing two songs.


Alabanza (Sony, 2000)

La rosa blanca (Sony BMG, 2004)

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