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Miguel de la Tolea
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Miguel Montero Martin (Barcelona 1977) comes from a long line of artists, a gypsy family with a solid tradition of involvement in flamenco. He was introduced to the world of flamenco by his mother, the dancer 'La Tolea.'

He is one of the most original young flamenco singers to come out of Spain. His vocal style, 'speaking the song' is simple and sober, and is both moving and mesmerizing from the first movement.

He was a founder member of the group Cambalache. He has been a member of the Joaquin Cortes dance company, performing with him on numerous stages around the world and appearing on his record Gipsy Passion Band.

Miguel de la Tolea currently combines his own work with collaborations with top-ranking flamenco artists such as La Tolea, La Tani and Enrique Morente. His first CD was produced in Japan as part of the JVC world Sound Special series.

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