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Mariana Montalvo
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Like many of her compatriots from Chile, Montalvo was forced into a life of exile in 1974, living in France since the coup that brought the military regime of Augusto Pinochet to power. Her connections to her roots has remained steadfast, however, and Montalvo provides fresh interpretations of the traditional music of Chile. With influences from the nueva cancion tradition of sophisticated and powerful music based on folkloric song forms, Montalvo's music descends from the work of legendary Latin American singers such as Victor Jara, Violetta Para and Mercedes Sosa.

For many years she was a member of the popular group Los Machucambos, which is famed throughout Europe for their faithful interpretations of South American traditional music.

Montalvo's original compositions feature instantly accessible melodies and unique instrumentation such as the South American charango (a type of guitar), quena (pan-pipes), and the trombone, which reflects the influence of Andean brass bands on Montalvo's arrangements.


Canta a Jodorowsky (Night & Day, 1997)

Cantos Del Alma(Le Loup du Faubourg/ Putumayo PUTU174-2 CD, 1999)

Piel De Aceituna (Le Loup du Faubourg, 2003/US: World Village 468031, 2004)


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