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Micko Leao was born in Angola but he left his country in the 1980s to travel and find a new place. First he was interested in becoming a professional athlete, but later he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a singer.

After living in Brazil, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, Micko Leao settled in the United States of America where he recorded his CD Dreams of Life.

Micko Leao started his career as a singer in Brussels, in 1994. He recorded "Pombo Branco" in the album Pe 115 by Carlos Nando. Leao sang the rap that means "White Dove" and it is still played today for millions of people on the national radio in his native country. That rap that symbolizes the end of a 30 year civil war is acclaimed by the Angolan Press Angop, in Africa and Europe.

From 1994 till 1997, Micko Leao toured Belgium and the Netherlands with several groups, singing rap, rock, reggae, music from Angola and Uganda, performing at European festivals.

In 1998, Micko Leao began to perform as lead vocalist and he gave two concerts as a volunteer to benefit Guinea Bissau and the former Zaire, Congo. In that concert of solidarity, the President of the Belgian Senate appreciated so much the talent of the singer songwriter that he changed the citizenship of Micko Leao who became Belgian.

Micko Leao wrote and recorded the songs of his Dreams of Life in Brussels in 1998 and produced in 2002 the whole album in Los Angeles where he is now living. He features well-known songs by Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Gilberto Gil and Djavan, but also released his personal compositions. The tracks "Dream" and "Lady Di" are dedicated to the personalities Micko Leao acknowledges for their work. Dr Martin Luther King Jr., for the civil rights movement and Princess Diana for helping the handicap victims of the mines in Angola.

The CD Dreams of Life was released in September 2003.

Official Web Site: http://www.TheLionDream.com


Dreams of Life (2003)


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