Catarina Cardeal - Artist Page
Catarina Cardeal

Vocalist and composer Catarina Cardeal has wrapped her Portuguese heritage around her singing career from an early age. Singing with family at campfires and summer vacations led to formal training that has intertwined the influences of her father's lessons, inspirational mentors in the community and the essential Fado songbook.

In the year 2000, Catarina competed internationally and co-won the award for best interpretation in Portugal's first annual Festival de Comunidades, broadcast by RTP (Portuguese National Radio and Television). She was also featured on the soundtrack for the Portuguese film Gente Feliz com Lagrimas, produced by Jose Medeiros.

Celebrated in two editions of the Global Divas concert, Catarina works professionally with several bands in festivals and nightclubs, most particularly with her guitarist collaborator, Mike Siracusa. Mike brings his blues guitar and percussion training to this fusion with European tradition. Catarina Cardeal and Mike Siracusa are pushing the definition of Portuguese Fado to new areas that touch the universal exploration of blues - passionate Portuguese song, with a contemporary twist.