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Emilio Cao

Emilio Cao is one of the central figures of the Galician Folk music scene. He has had a long and successful career as a harpist, composer and singer.Poetry is very important in Emilio Cao's work. This is clear in his recordings. He collaborates with current Galician poets such as Suso De Toro, Uxio Novoneira and Anxo Ballesteros.

Cao also adapts pieces from classic Galician authors such as Rosalía Castro and Manuel Antonio.Cao's 1977 album A Lenda da pedra do destiño (The Legend of the Stone of Destiny) is considered a classic of Galician Celtic music. Most of the music is based on Galician sounds and rhythms, although there is also a medieval Welsh piece, where Cao is accompanied by Cromlech.  


Fonte do Araño (Zafiro, 1977)

A Lenda da pedra do destiño (CFE/Guimbarda-Zafiro, 1979)

No manto da auga (CFE/Guimbarda-Zafiro, 1982)

Amiga alba e delgada (Edigal, 1986)

Cartas mariñas (Sonifolk/Lyricon CDF 1021, 1922)

Sinbad en Galicia (Do Fol, 1996)