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Mahua Mukherjee
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Mahua Mukherjee is a dedicated young vocalist committed to the art of Indian Classical Music. She was born November 9th, 1979.

Born and brought up in an atmosphere reveling in music and rhythm, Mahua Mukherjee inherited the art of singing from her mother. Under the tutelage of the renowned artist Sri Shantanu Bhattachariyya and Ustad Javed Nizzammudin Khan.

Indian Classical forms such as khyal and thumri were innately developed in Mahua. She successfully crossed the academic milestones, one after the other. She is a post Graduate (1st class).

Mahua Mukherjee won the youth festival at Hyderabad in 1999. She has performed throughout India with various programs, including Bharotio Nadonik Parishod, which is a state government organization. Most notably, she is a regular performer of All India Radio.

She received the Sangeet Pravakar and Sangeet Visharad award from Prachin Kala Kendra.


76/2 B.T Road. Post-Baranagar.
Flat-A."Niva Aparment"
Kolkata-700090. West Bengal
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