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Michael White is a jazz violinist and/composer. He has played with many legendary jazz giants throughout his music career.

In the 1960s, he introduced the violin into the free jazz scenes of the Bay Area and New York, playing with luminaries such as Sun Ra and Pharoah Sanders. In the early 1970s, he was a founding member of the first fusion group, the Fourth Way. He released five albums with the Michael White Quartet on Impulse records, and toured throughout the United States and Europe.

He has performed in Lagos, Nigeria with Stevie Wonder and Sun Ra. He continues to play with Pharoah Sanders, appearing on Sanders' 1996 album Message From Home. In 1998 he released an album of duets with Bill Frisell entitled  Motion Pictures.

With newly released CD "Voices", the Michael White Quintet was born. The recording brought together a union of reputable musicians: Cecil McBee-bass and Kenneth Nash-percussion, along with Tim Young-guitar and Leisei Chen-voice. The artistic expressions are extended to its concept of color, design, liner notes

The band's repertoire covers original compositions, jazz classics, bossa nova, Latin, and spontaneous sound improvisation.

Michael White Quintet 2006:

Michael White - violin

Leisei Chen - vocals-voice

Michael Howell - guitar

Cecil McBee - bass

Kenneth Nash - percussion

Official Web Site: www.leisei-michael.com


The Fourth Way, with The Fourth Way (Capitol, 1969)

Werewolf, with The Fourth Way (Capitol, 1970)

The Sun and Moon Together, with The Fourth Way (Capitol, 1970)

Spirit Dance (Impulse!, 1971)

Pneuma (Impulse!, 1972)

The Land of Spirit and Light (Impulse!, 1973)

Father Music, Mother Dance (Impulse!, 1974)

Go With the Flow (Impulse!, 1974)

The X Factor (Elektra, 1978)

White Night (Elektra, 1978)

Motion Pictures (Intuition, 1997)

Voices(Izniz, 2004)

USA +1.206.654.4402
Japan: +81.(0)50.3428.6148

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