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Spanish flamenco singer Miguel Ángel Poveda León was born in Barcelona on February 13, 1973. He grew up in the Badalona suburb and started singing at 15 at local peñas flamencas (Flamenco clubs).

In 1993, Miguel Poveda won the most sought-after award, "La Lampera Minera" in the 33rd Song Festival de las Minas de La Unión, that he became known to a wider public. At the same festival, Miguel Poveda obtained three further awards, La Cartagenera, La Malagueña and La Soleá.

Having gained recognition as a new talent by the professional world, his artistic career quickly developed. In 1994, the film director Bigas Luna took him on as an actor in the film "La Teta i la Lluna". One year later, he produced his first CD, "Viento del Este" together with musicians such as Moraíto, Carles Benavent and José Soto.

In 1996, Miguel Poveda collaborated in various festivals in Spain and Europe and set out for his first tour in Japan. In the following year, he produced a show about García Lorca for a seminar organized by the University of Bologna, Italy. In 1998, he attended the "Festival of Culture and Arts" in Ramallah, Palestine, and was the invited artist in "La Vida es un Sueño" presented by Calixto Bieito in the International Festival of Edinburgh. At the same time, he presented successfully his latest show, "Suena Flamenco" throughout Europe. The most outstanding pieces of these live concerts are included in his new CD, "Suena Flamenco". 

Miguel Poveda is one of these artists who grow once they are on stage and manages to connect quickly with the public.

In 2003 he moved to Sevilla, one of the cradles of flamenco.


Viento del Este (1995)

Suena Flamenco (Harmonia Mundi Ibérica HMI 987019, 1999)

Zaguan (Harmonia Mundi, 2001)

Poemas del Exilio Rafael ALberti (Harmonia Mundi, 2004)

Qawwali-Flamenco (Accords Croises AC114, 2006)

Desglac (Discmedi, 2005)

Tierra de calma (Discmedi, 2006)

Cante i orchestra (Discmedi, 2009)

Coplas del querer (Universal Music, 2009)

Coplas del querer en directo, live (Universal Music, 2010)

Artesano (Universal Music, 2012)

Real (Universal Music, 2012)

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