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Miquel Gil is an experienced musician in the field of Mediterranean music. He was a member of well known bands from southeastern Spain, Al Tall and Terminal Sur. He has been pursuing a solo career for the last years.

The first result of this new stage was the release of Buscando tu olor (Seeking your Scent), with 11pieces, that demonstrated his love for Mediterranean music and combining different sounds. All music and lyrics were written by himself.

At the same time he took part in the project "Bob Dylan revisitado" (Bob Dylan Revisited) with a Latin-version of 'Gotta serve somebody'. With the song 'Vecino molesto' he contributed a song for the CD Sentir la Ciutat and recorded 'La ploma de perdiu' with Maria Del Mar Bonet for her album Cavall de foc.

After that, he composed 'Un silenci' (after a poem by Ramón Guillem) and Bòtanic together with Efrén López and began to work on the material for Orgànic. With the literary advice from Ramón Guillem he selected poems from young Valencian poets (Joan Barceló, Antoni Fornés, Ramón Guillem, Isidre Martínez, Anna Montero, Ramon Ramon, Teresa Pasqual, Josep Piera and Enric Cassasas) in order to set them to music in the traditional Valencian way combined with Mediterranean sounds.


Cançó popular, with Al Tall (Edigsa, 1975)

Deixeu que rode la roda, with Al Tall (Edigsa, 1977)

Posa vi, posa vi, posa vi, with Al Tall (Edigsa, 1978)

Quan el mal ve d'Almansa, with Al Tall (PDI, 1979)

Som de la pelitrumpeli, with Al Tall (Anec, 1980)

Xip xap, with Al Tall

Nadal valencià I i II, with Al Tall

Tocs i vares, with Al Tall (Edigsa, 1983)

10 anys, with Al Tall (PDI, 1985)

Xarq al-andalus, Al Tall + Muluk el Wha (RTVE, 1985)

Cançons de la nostra, Al Tall + Maria del Mar Bonet


Un poc de rock

Cants lliures del mediterrani

Buscando tu olor (Seminola, 1997)

Dob Dylan, revisitado

Botànic, un silenci

Vecino molesto

A Mediterranean Odyssey

Sahara Tajira acoje

Orgànic (Sonifolk, 2001)

Katà (Galileo MC GMC005, 2004):

Terregada, cinc veus i un repertori sagnant (2004)

En concert, with Savina Yannatou & Primavera en Salonico (Galileo MC, 2006)

Eixos (Temps Record, 2006)

Per Marcianes (Temps Record, 2011)

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