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Mysore Sri. V. Ramarathnam
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Photo: Mysore V. Ramarathna In Concert with Palghat Mani Iyer (1950's), courtesy of K.S. Srinivasan

An artist is recognized for his uniqueness and excellence by the educated audience, as well as by those who laid the foundation and stood as the pillars to support and nourish the art. In the field of Carnatic music such pillars of the 19th century are Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar, Mysore Vasudevachar, Maharajapuram Viswanatha Iyer, Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar to name a few.

Mysore V. Ramarathnam is a well known musician who gained significant level of recognition from these pillars of Carnatic music and gained popularity among highly educated audience. He has been one of the most loved and respected teachers and a devoted educationalist, who has unearthed and molded the inherent talents of a multitude of students of music. His contribution to the development of musicology and dissemination of knowledge pervades all over the world of Carnatic music.

V. Ramarathnam was born in Chittoor, Andra Pradesh in 1917. After his preliminary education he moved to Bangalore and received training in vocal music under Ganakala Sindhu D. Subbaramiah and Palghat Someshwara Bhagavathar. He later moved to Mysore and underwent rigorous gurukula training in vocal music for ten years under the legendary violinist Sangeetha Ratna Mysore T. Chowdiah.

Ramarathnam's musical knowledge, repertoire and delivery, attained breadth and mastery through close association and interactions with stalwarts like Mysore Vasudevachar, Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar, Maharajapuram Viswanatha Iyer , Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar and Alathoor Srinivasa Iyer.

Prof. Ramarathnam's career as a performing artist and teacher, spanned over four decades starting in 1945 as the first Vice-Prinicpal, Ayyanar College of Music in Mysore, started by T. Chowdiah. He then was chosen as the Professor of Music and First Principal of the the University College of Music and Dance, University of Myosre in 1965.

Following his retirement in 1977, the University Grants Commission, Govt. of India invited Prof. Ramarathnam to continue his service as Emeritus professor, which he served until 1980. His research work during this period on the "Contribution and Patronage of Mysore Wodeyars to Carnatic Music" is considered to be an authoritative record. This work was recently published by Government of Karnataka, Kannada Book Authority.

He has served as the Chairman of the Board of Graduate and Post Graduate studies in music, University of Mysore, Chairman, Board of Examiners University of Kerala, and as a member of the board of studies at Venkateswara University, Tirupathi. Prof. Ramarathnam has trained hundreds of students and has also guided doctoral students in music.

The Mysore University Press has published ten books authored by him on the theory and practical aspects of Carnatic music. Many of these books are being used currently for undergraduate and graduate instruction in music.

Prof. V. Ramarathnam is an 'A' class artist of All India Radio and has been giving concerts for over fifty years at several AIR centers and throughout the country as well as United States.

One his memorable concerts was a Madras Music Academy concert in 1958, to an audience filled with legends such as Chembai, Maharajapuram Vishwanatha Iyer, Ariyakudi, (to name a few), when his guru Chowdiah received the academy's coveted Sangeetha Kalanidhi Award.

 He has performed to the accompaniment of great artists including his own guru T. Chowdiah,Govindaswamy Naickar, Prof. T.N. Krishnan, Chalukudi Narayanaswamy, M. Chandrashekaran, etc. on violin and Palghat T.S. Mani Iyer, Vellore ,Ramabhadran, T.K. Murthy, Umayalapuram Sivaraman, Tanjore Upendran, Prof. Trichy Sankaran, Guruvayur Dorai , Alangudi Ramachandran etc on the mridangam.

Prof. Ramarathnam has received deep appreciation and recognition from the legends of his time for his scholarship in all aspects of music. He also received a number of titles. He was conferred the title of

* Sangeetha Kala Rathna when he presided over the 14th Musician Conference under the auspices of the Bangalore Gayana Samaja in 1983.
* Karnataka Kalathilaka from Karnataka State Sangeetha Nritya Academy in 1986,
* Sangeetha Rathna Mysore T. Chowdiah Centenary Memorial Award for his long lasting contribution to music, in 1994-95 from Vice President of India K.R. Narayanan,
* Swaramuthy V.N. Rao Memorial Award from Governor of Karnataka in 2004
* Sangeetha Kala Sagaram from Bhairavi Fine Arts, Cleveland OH in 2005 as well as recognition from many leading sabhas.

Motivated by Poet Laurete Kuvempu, Prof. Ramarathnam composed his first krithi "Karunisu Pramatha Ganapathe" in the raga Todi set to Rupaka tala, following which he composed more than 25 keerthanas and thillanas in Sanskrit, Kannada, and Telugu with the swanama mudra, 'rama'.

Many of his students such as Prof. T.S. Ramaa, Uma Prasanna Sukanya Prabhakar, Dr. R.N. Sreelatha, Dr. T.N. Padma , Nagamani Srinath, Dr. K. Vageesh (Director of Carnatic Music, All India Radio, New Delhi) are performing artists of repute, professors of music, and are serving All India Radio centers and universities.

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