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Mariam Matossian
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Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Mariam has been collecting traditional

Armenian folk songs since she was a child and initially began singing them in

her community. Most of the songs she sings have been passed down through her

family, songs that were favorites of her grandmother and her mother. With over

ten years of training in classical voice, Mariam brings the range and control of

a classical singer to the spontaneity and passion of the folk tradition,

combining the two to produce a synthesis that has earned her rave reviews.

In 1998, she traveled to Armenia, the first member of her family to set foot in

the homeland. She volunteered for an English language newspaper there and

through that work, she learned about the plight of the many street children. In

2002, she took a leave of absence from her teaching career to return to Armenia

to work with these children. It was during this time that Mariam's passion for

singing met her new commitment to bring attention to contemporary Armenia. When

she returned to Vancouver, she continued to perform the songs she had learned

from her family and songs she had learned in Armenia, including those taught to

her by some of the children she had worked with in Yerevan.

In 2004, Mariam released her first CD,

Far From Home and began performing with her ensemble, which includes

accomplished musicians from the jazz and world music scenes in Canada. Her debut

recording has won rave reviews and has had airplay across Canada and in the

United States. It was chosen as one of Echoes 25 Essential Albums for 2005 in

the United States. Mariam's interpretation of Groong (The Crane) was also

featured in Araz Artinian's moving documentary, The Genocide in Me.

Mariam release her second album,

In the Light, which is a combination of her interpretations of traditional

Armenian folk songs and her own original compositions. Produced once again by

Adam Popowitz, Mariam worked with a team of extremely talented musicians

including Elliot Polsky on percussion, Gordon Grdina on oud, Jesse Zubot on

violin, Pepe Danza on flutes and Martin Haroutunian on duduk.

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Far From Home

In the Light

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