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Born in Casablanca (Morocco), Michy Mano moved to Norway in his early twenties. Since years he works as a DJ in the hippest clubs in Oslo at the same time he started to work "seriously" with his own musical roots: the traditional Gnawa music of Morocco.

Michy soon became a very important figure in Oslo's musical world, known for his unique style with sentir and vocals and his ability to merge Norwegian jazz musicians with immigrated musicians living in Oslo.

Backed by Norwegian jazz musicians and fellow Moroccans, Michy Mano plays stimulating music that defies categories. At times, it sounds like what seems like Gnawa jazz, but other times, the world grooves take the listener on a trip through global electronica and funk, using synths, dance beats, world percussion and other acoustic instruments.

Official Web Site: http://www.michymano.com


The Cool Side of the Pillow (Enja 2003/Justin Time 2006)

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