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Chris Otto
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Chris Otto has been playing the Native American Flute and the Irish Whistle since 1997. Long a fixture in the St. Louis music scene, Chris is a founding member of the Celtic folk rock quartet "Rusty Nail" and until recently was a member of the experimental world music group Raw Earth.

In the past few years Chris has focused on his group efforts but now wishes to return to his roots, the Native American flute music that got him interested in performing in the first place.

Chris has developed a style that mixes the traditional Native American flute music with folk traditions from Eastern Europe to the the Middle East. His music also has elements of American Blues and Jazz. Sometimes his music flows like a mountain stream, sometimes it rolls and tumbles like a rock slide, but always seems to land on the right note.

Chris Otto's goal is to take the Native American flute to new places musically and to bring the instrument to new audiences. He has proven the versatility of the Native American flute by sitting in with rock bands (Nashid) and jazz artists (Tommy Holloran).

With his debut CD "Rain on Broken Glass" Chris  showcases his unique style with songs he has composed over the last 9 years. The self produced CD was a labor of love, recorded over the last 4 years.

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