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X Alfonso

 X Alfonso is one of the most important musicians from Cuba today. As like most of the young musicians from Cuba, he studied at the Conservatorio Amadeo Roldán, at the Escuela Nacional de Artes de Cuba. The famous school that earned it's golden reputation as a result of the many generations of musicians who have studied here, where the creativity and the high technical level places these young men among the best musicians of the world.

Other than his excellent education, X Alfonso also comes from a world renown musical family. His parents, Carlos and Ele, are the leaders of the band Síntesis, which works with the Afro-Cuban rhythms and the mixture of rock produced anthological discs Ancestros, Ancestros II, and Orishas. The band created a characteristic genre and today, in full maturity preserves it's legion of enthusiasts in Cuba and abroad. He participated in Síntesis' during the last few years, imprinting a characteristic of novelty on the arrangements and interpretations of the group and assimilating the musical influence from Síntesis.

Because of his musical creativity, X Alfonso accumulated a work that served as the base to his own project, which had the participation of important young Cuban musicians, like the pianist Roberto Carcassés and drummer and composer Descemer Bueno. They performed at the Karl Marx Theater in Havana, to an audience of more then 5000 people, in a memorable show that stimulated the pop environment of Cuban music.

With Mundo Real, his first solo disc, completely composed and arranged by himself, X Alfonso demonstrates that it is possible to combine a pop project with all the modern influences. The mix of current sonorities and timbres with suitable doses of jazz, hip-hop with the undeniable underlying Cuban rhythms. X Alfonso went from the rumba-guaguáncó, to the violins of the cha cha chá. Or the sweet closing of the song "Bailando en la distancia", where he illustrates dreams of Cuban dances from the turn of the century finalized in a beautiful ballad.

"I think that diverse styles and trends converge in me, although Cuban trends rule. It has to do with the environment in which I was brought up, listening to all sorts of music styles, from different authors, artists and countries, from African rhythms to alternative rock or instrumental music. That is why I don't have a style or, if you wish, a favorite genre."

"My creations have pop, rock, Afro-Cuban music, folk, and reggae influences, and I don't think the album X More is an exception. Even when it has been distinguished for a strong hip hop component, idea I don't completely share, since, he who listens to the entire album will realize that from the fifth track on it ceases to be rap as such."

X Alfonso has worked with jazz bands, founded rock band Havana, worked with rappers such as trio Free Holl Negro and has also written music for Danza Abierta and Transit.


Mundo Real [Real World] (Velas Records VLS 2003, 2000)

X More (Velas, 2001)

Delirium Tremens (2002)

Civilizacion (Unicornio, 2005)

Homenaje (Unicornio, 2008)