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Dounia is formed by musicians from Palestine and Sicily (Italy). The band centers its musical project on a predominant acoustic base. It blends the Middle Eastern voice of Faisal Taher with a special amalgam of melodies, harmonies and rhythms coming from all over the Mediterranean basin. The result exceeds any form of contamination to create Dounia's little world .

Dounia has successfully taken part in various national and international festivals. The group participated with a piece, Salam ya bahar, on the compilation of Sicilian artists Mastrarua, produced by Musica e suoni (R.T.I.).

The band has also composed music for theater, such as Una donna di Ragusa with Aldo ReggianiMaravigliosamente un amor mi distringe directed by Gaetano LizzioChe farai fra' Jacopone, Medea and Antonio e Cleopatra directed by Ninni Bruschetta.

Two of their pieces form part of the soundtrack of the fiction film Un'isola d'inverno, in which the group also appears, which was produced by RAI (italian national network television) and was directed by Gianluigi Calderoni. They have composed the sound track of Rimedi contro l'amore directed by Giovanna Sonnino.

Dounia recently produced the new album of Cecilia Pitino, of which they are also composers of a lot of the pieces.  

Faisal Taher - vocals

Vincenzo Gangi -guitars

Riccardo Gerbino - percussion

Giovanni Arena - double bass

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New World (Altrosud/ il manifesto 2001)

Dalle sponde del mare bianco (Mesogea 2003) [book + cd]

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